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John is the frontman and lead singer for The 80s Brigade. He began his musical journey in his teens as the lead guitarist with SoCal metal group Hideous Rexx. Opening for Lita Ford and other metal acts around LA, he learned his way around a stage. Several years later, he re-emerged as a bass player singing lead vocals. He performed with bands such as STUFF and Jamfinger during this period.

By 2001, he had segued into a lead-singing frontman and this became the focus of future projects. By 2005, he had joined the cover band circuit and became a sought-after lead vocalist. His classic rock band BackTraXX performed from 2007 to 2013 at local summer concerts and developed a devoted fan base. He followed that up with a short stint in a local band where he met his future Brigade mates.

Along his journey, John has continued to develop his frontman skills and you are guaranteed a good time when you see him live. As the lead singer of the 80s Brigade, John enjoys the opportunity to display his full range of singing skills. John says "Being part of this band is probably the most fun I've ever had in music."


Raoul once listened to his father's vinyl of The Ventures performing the theme from Hawaii Five-O so much that his sister was forced to hide the album to save her sanity.

The album "The Trini Lopez Show Live" wasn't exactly a family favorite and there was little incentive to find it. So, being a smart kid, Raoul resorted to the next best thing: he hummed the theme from Hawaii Five-O. All day. All night. His sister now lives far away and rarely visits.

The Ventures were followed by Sweet, Foghat, Rush and Styx. By the time his father reluctantly bought him his first electric guitar, NWOBHM was in his ears. Today, he listens to Polyphia and Plini.

Raoul plays in many bands (and he loves them all). But, he only gets to use the "Ultra" channel on his Grandmeister with 80s Brigade.


Tim has been playing guitar now for over 30yrs, completely self-taught. As early as he can remember, he's always had a love of music, which began with his sister Raeanne playing Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass band records. From there, his appreciation of music grew into all genre's from Rock to the Blues, Soul to Swing. Amongst his most influential bands that also were his inspiration to pick up a guitar in the first place are The Beatles, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and of course Stevie Wonder.

Tim met two brothers, Ken and Louis Burley, both of whom played guitar. After months of nagging, Ken showed Tim the intro to Overdose by AC/DC, and he never looked back.

Over the next 25yrs, Tim honed his playing style and began working on vocals while playing.

Tim has played bass in nearly every band except The Michael Paul Band, where he played acoustic and Rhythm guitar and sang back up. The 80s Brigade is the perfect culmination of the music and styles Tim has always loved...

Michael "Lint" Higbie: DRUMS

Starting at the young age of 3 with wooden spoons Michael "Lint" Higbie realized his love of drumming. By 12 he was in school band. Marching, concert and most importantly jazz band opened the door. After high school, RCC drumline and jazz band and DCI "it " happened. Rock drumming live. His group Still September opened for many alternative bands from the 80s, Dramarama, Flock of Seagulls, Social Distortion and more along with KROQ airplay on rotation. In the last 10 years he has played with 25 different bands of many different genres in the So Cal area. Lint proudly endorses DNA drums, Symrna Cymbals, No Nuts cymbal Sleeves and The Sweet Spots drum dampeners. Come and catch the drum beast in action.